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40th Year Mosaic

Celebrating 40 Years for Better Health

A Fitting Metaphor

In celebrating 40 years supporting communities for better health, PHPDA commissioned a local artist, mosaic facilitator, and invited community members to work together on a shared project.

“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

Angelina Villalobos (179)

Community Muralist, Teaching Artist

Raised on Beacon Hill, Angelina mixes elements of her upbringing, creating a unique style indicative of Pacific NW. She is a teaching artist and served on the board of directors for Urban Artworks.

Dr. Claire Barnett

Founder of Seattle Mosaic Arts, Mosaic Director

As a family doctor with +20 years of medical experience, Dr. Barnett founded SMA in 2009, fostering community and safe space, sharing her methods accessibly, and bringing beauty into our world.

We started with Angelina’s artistic vision, describing the PHPDA’s 40 year history as a tree representing protection, preservation, and growth. With our four decade past, she was drawn to the number four (4). Angelina was inspired by the city-skyline view from the 8th floor panoramic room, surrounding waters and nature, the Tower’s signature brick motif, and the ongoing health equity work of our colorful community.

Dr. Claire Barnett translated our artist’s image and vision into a community driven project. She shared her methods accessibly by facilitating mosaic sessions and working tirelessly behind-the-scenes with each individual’s uniquely templated piece. Her adaptability to this uniquely challenging and complicated project brings us the creation of this beautiful, interactive community mosaic.

A Community Mosaic

Community members arrived from far and wide to help construct our 40th Anniversary mosaic. The goal was to role model our desire to work in concert with our community, championing health equity in the battle for social justice.

  • Opening (April 13): Over 80 attendees consisting of founders of the Public Health Care Coalition, representatives, former staff and board, grantees & Tower partners, consultants, and neighborhood community members kicked-off the 40th Anniversary series.
  • Elementary Tour (June 8): Young learners toured the Campus and Tower, talked about health equity, and fill a 10-year time-capsule.
  • Networking Partners (July 28): Over 30 past and existing grantees and Tower partners gathered to talk local health needs, partnerships, and promote their programs.
  • Historic Partners (August 11): Organizations intimately connected to PHPDA past shared lunch and discussed our continued work ahead.
  • Mosaic Reveal (November 14): Unveiled the mosaic worked on by approximately 100 community members with speakers presenting on PHPDA’s future health equity work.

Looking Forward

As we reflect on our 40th anniversary celebrations, we are moved by everyone’s enthusiastic participation and support for the Pacific Hospital PDA and our future health equity work on becoming an ally, convener, resource, and change agent.

We’ve only just begun by starting to:

  • listen deeply into our communities on the ground to amply their voice;
  • actively create space for grantees, applicants, and other nonprofits for peer-led discussions;
  • provide resources and support, more than “just the check;” and
  • work with neighboring universities and colleges to leverage academia into policy-level changes.

All of these activities are achievable only with our community, you, as a part of this collaborative health equity picture.

Learn more about our work ahead in Championing Health Equity, detailed in our 2022-2026 Strategic Framework below.

Thank you for adding your beauty to the community mosaic to be displayed in the Pacific Tower for years to come!

We wouldn’t be here without you –
 40 years ago, today, and continuing into our future. The legacy of this PDA is intimately connected to you and our partnership.