40th Anniversary

Celebrating 40 Years for Better Health

You are invited!

Save the date and join us on November 14th at 4:00 PM.
Witness the finished work you and other mosaic participants accomplished.

See you soon!

Community Mosaic

Community members arrived from far and wide to help construct our 40th Anniversary mosaic. The goal was to role model our desire to work in concert with our community, championing health equity in the battle for social justice.

  • Opening (April 13): Over 80 attendees consisting of founders of the Public Health Care Coalition, representatives, former staff and board, grantees & Tower partners, consultants, and neighborhood community members kicked-off the 40th Anniversary series.
  • Elementary Tour (June 8): Young learners toured the Campus and Tower, talked about health equity, and fill a 10-year time-capsule.
  • Networking Partners (July 28): Over 30 past and existing grantees and Tower partners gathered to talk local health needs, partnerships, and promote their programs.
  • Historic Partners (August 11): Organizations intimately connected to PHPDA past shared lunch and discussed our continued work ahead.