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2022-2026 Strategic Framework

PHPDA is pleased to present our 2022-2026 Strategic Framework,
inspired by the imperative to
Build Momentum For Change

Looking forward as our 2019-2021 Strategic Plan ended, we focused on how we can: 1) increase our impact on health equity and 2) engage in creating a new normal rather than returning to a normal that failed to deliver equitable access to the resources needed to lead healthy lives.

Building on public resource stewardship and community-focused grantmaking, we believe that:

  • PHPDA must take a systemic and partnership approach to
    address inequities that are built into health and social systems.
  • Our greatest strength lies in the relationships we’ve built with
    others on the frontlines in service to those marginalized. We need
    to strengthen those existing relationships and build new ones.
  • PHPDA must share the learnings from community-designed
    programs addressing inequitable access to health resources into
    policy-making and systemic change discussions.

Recognizing that our work ahead can only proceed at the speed of trust between us and the communities we serve, we opted to
create a framework that emphasizes long-range goals and strategies rather than a more traditional plan that emphasizes achievement of deliverables strictly within established timeframes.

Our Process

PHPDA launched our strategic planning process in August of 2021 with the creation of the Strategic Plan Work Group, comprised of Governing Council members, Strategic Advisors, and Staff. Bob Cook graciously agreed to chair and Marc Provence stepped up to facilitate.

In a process that relied on the collective experience and wisdom of the Work Group, Governing Council, Staff, and consultants, we:

  • Refreshed Vision, Mission, and Values Statements
  • Imagined our future desired state
  • Analyzed gaps between current work and future desired state
  • Brainstormed goals and strategies to bridge the gaps
  • Consulted with experts to reality-check and craft pathways

Through this rigorous process, we learned what we do well, what could use improvement, and what we weren’t doing. Our leadership wants PHPDA to increase our impact in addressing health inequity because the problems we are facing continue to grow. Returning to the pre-pandemic norm is not an option and neither is only continuing to do the same things that we have been doing.

Governing Council

Sue Taoka, Chair
Community Member

Nancy Sugg, Vice-Chair
Harborview Pioneer Square UW Department of Medicine

Doris Koo, Treasurer
Crescent Collaborative

Ellie Menzies, Secretary
Community Member

AyeNay Abye
Tubman Center for Freedom and Health

Gloria Burton
Catholic Housing Services

Bob Cook
Washington State Housing Finance Commission

Susan Crane
Community Member

Virgil Wade
Chief Seattle Club

Strategic Plan
Work Group

Bob Cook

Paul Feldman

Doris Koo

Ellie Menzies

Marc Provence

Virgil Wade


Christina Bernard
Associate Director

Mallory Fitzgerald
Grants Manager

John Kim
Executive Director

Whitney Regan
Office Coordinator

Gene Yoon
Communications Manager




We envision a world with equity in health for all.



We champion equity in health through exemplary stewardship of PHPDA’s public resources.



We value:

  • Each person’s worth

  • Each community’s unique strength, resilience, and knowledge

  • System change addressing racism and other oppression

  • Innovation, collaboration, and shared knowledge

  • Transparency and accountability

“An anchor on our continued commitment to champion health equity.”

– AyeNay Abye

“A blueprint for success. This is about our partners.”

– Paul Feldman