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Pacific Tower

Building photo credit: Vladimir Menkov

Magnifying impact through community partnership

The Pacific Tower is a dynamic hub for some of the
region’s most vital and innovative nonprofit and government organizations. Located on Beacon Hill, this iconic Seattle landmark brings together leading organizations whose work spans issues of social determinants of health and the health of the nonprofit sector. The driving vision for the Tower is to create an environment that fosters connections among organizations to magnify impact.

Decades of Championing Health Equity

Early founders and subsequent leaders of this campus understood its immense value as a public benefit. Decades have seen multiple iterations of campus uses: a hospital, a site for primary care, a high-tech headquarters, administrative office spaces – and today, a source of grant funds to support community health equity. These adaptations, through highs and lows, all enabled the Campus to remain a champion for people in King County who lack access to effective care.

In 1981 the City of Seattle chartered the PHPDA as a public development authority (PDA), placing in its trust the Pacific Hospital Campus, designated as a historic landmark. Our role as a PDA means we are quasi-governmental organizations of the City of Seattle, which allows us to have a mission of public purpose without being assumed into the regular functions of city government.

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Visiting the Pacific Tower Campus

Pacific Medical Centers holds a community multi-specialty clinic Monday through Friday with many on-site care and services.

The Pacific Tower Campus is a health hub of innovative programs led by nonprofit organizations and government entities. Visit health schools training dental professionals, nonprofit partner organizations such as 501 Commons, Building Changes, and Cross Cultural Health Care Program, or government agencies such as the Department of Health and Social Services. Reserve rooms and explore leasing opportunities here.

Future Plans Championing Health Equity

To increase our impact in the face of a changing health equity landscape, we are taking an adaptive approach to serving our community. We will actively listen to our stakeholders and partners and align our work with the critical needs and values of unserved and/or underserved communities across King County. 

PHPDA is ready to build on its history of open-minded grantmaking and forward-looking stewardship, and create new lines of work with our community and grantees to: 

  • Translate learned experience from our grantees into actionable knowledge for upstream change in health and healthcare systems.
  • Amplify authentic community voices into policy and systems change conversations,
  • Invite former, current, and potential grantees to participate in issue specific cohorts so they can build and strengthen relationships
  • Offer technical assistance to former, current, and potential grantees to build knowledge, skills, and experience and otherwise build capacity