Somali Health Access Project


Grantee: Somali Family Safety Task Force
Timeframe: October 2019 – September 2020 | Amount: $15,000

The Somali community that the Task Force serves relies primarily on face to face interactions and community events and workshops to receive accurate and trusted information form native Somali speakers. Somali Family Safety Task Force (SFSTF) will engage, inform and communicate directly with the community through a series of six health access workshops in 2020. The workshops will take place at trusted spaces in three neighborhoods that have high concentrations of Somali community members; New Holly, High Point and White Center.

Program activities will include:

  • Develop Somali Specific Language & Cultural Access Assessment Questionnaire
  • Organize and hold three Health Access Workshops for 15-20 participants at each. Topics to include:
    • Know your Health Care Rights- Focus on Language and culturally competent services Workshops
    • How to advocate for your language and culturally competent services Workshops
  • Invite providers to provide ideas and strategies for patient access to services that they have a right to access
  • Invite Interpretive service managers from area providers for clarification of what they have to provide and can provide
  • Lessons learned from other immigrant communities that have advocated for and received more culturally competent services (Chinese, Khmer, Vietnamese examples)


About Our Grantee

Somali Family Safety Task Force

The Somali Family Safety Task Force is a nonprofit community-based-organization (CBO) located in the NewHolly neighborhood in Seattle, WA that serves refugee and immigrant women and their families. Not only are we community based but we are also community driven. Our founders as well as the majority of our staff and volunteers are Somali and/or East African. Our programs are created with input from our community and are often at their request. Programs range from computer literacy training to combating and preventing gender-based-violence. We pride ourselves in being an organization by-and-for our community.

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