Senior LGBTQ Health Services Planning


Grantee: Generations Aging With Pride (GenPride)
Timeframe: April 2020 – March 2021 | Amount: $30,000

PHPDA Nimble Grant funds will be used to develop a business and community engagement plan to ensure the GenPRIDE Senior Center health services are ready when the building opens in late 2022. By listening to the community, in addition to relying on study findings, GenPRIDE will develop health programming to address the greatest needs.

When the new housing/senior center project is completed in late 2022, the office location will include space to be shared by LGBTQ-Affirming healthcare partners to provide access to nurses, doctors and other healthcare specialists who are well equipped to work with the community. GenPRIDE is partnering with the Carolyn Downs/Country Doctor clinic to provide services every week, as well as Gay City and POCAAN to do STI/HIV screenings onsite. Additionally, the University of Washington School of Social Work will provide interns and staff for focused outreach, Seattle Counseling Service will provide mental health services, and LGBTQ Allyship will facilitate focus group discussions.

All these organizations were involved in community outreach efforts as this project was in the initial planning stages. GenPRIDE had several community gatherings starting in 2017 where they collected feedback and ideas for the building amenities and program services. The top health-related goals identified were exercise equipment, social workers, and onsite Healthcare services. Now that the project has been funded, GenPRIDE will hold additional meetings starting in summer 2020 to show updated building and service plans so the community can provide more feedback.

GenPRIDE will develop an outreach strategy for community focus groups. Led by trained facilitators from GenPRIDE and LGBTQ Allyship, a broad range of issues is expected to emerge. Holding several opportunities to listen and learn from the community will provide the foundation from which to advise the organization to create relevant services. Once the top needs are established, a business plan will be developed to ensure adequate funding to deliver services.


About Our Grantee

Generations Aging With Pride (GenPride)

Generations Aging with Pride, a nonprofit organization, is offering important new opportunities to develop and test multi-generational solutions to the challenges facing LGBTQ midlife and older adults, building on the many strengths across the generations. Utilizing research findings from Caring and Aging with Pride and Aging with Pride.

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