Ryther/YouthCare – Behavioral Health Crisis, Engagement and Treatment Team to Improve Outcomes for Homeless Youth


Grantee: Ryther
Timeframe: July 2017 – June 2020 | Total Amount: $486,347

Year 1: July 2017 – June 2018. Amount: $150,000
Year 2: July 2018 – June 2019. Amount: $160,000
Year 3: July 2019 – June 2020. Amount: $176,347


Ryther is partnering with YouthCare to improve the outcomes for homeless teens and young adults. Together, the two organizations will provide behavioral care that is easily accessed, in order to serve the homeless youth population and improve their outcomes.

The creation of the Behavioral Health Crisis, Engagement and Treatment Team is a vital part to linking YouthCare clients with available behavioral health services.  Staff members in YouthCare’s residential facilities and the Orion Center will be working in conjunction with Ryther therapists and Ryther’s psychiatrist to assess these youth and provide the services they need at YouthCare facilities.

The team for this project consists of two YouthCare Clinical Social Workers, seven Ryther outpatient therapists, Ryther’s psychiatrist and a team manager.  This team will be a cohesive unit tracking the behavioral health needs of YouthCare clients to ensure that needs are being met.

This project includes time for therapists to gain the trust needed for a client to commit to receiving therapy.  Once the client enrolls in therapy, that therapy is funded through the Behavioral Health Organization (BHO).  Other team members will be helping youth determine what ongoing services they need, assisting in scheduling, and reminding them to attend meetings.

The Clinical Social Workers work primarily in YouthCare residential facilities.  Ryther’s Psychiatrist works at the Orion Center, and Ryther Therapists staff both residential units and the Orion Center.  Together, the team will monitor the needs of all clients and alert the team of any concerns or challenges. In emergent crises, the team will work together seamlessly to ensure that all providers (team members, other YouthCare staff, and external providers) and the client themselves all take part in planning next steps.

YouthCare will provide the following: Clinical Social Workers who will meet the emergent needs of youth in crisis in YouthCare’s residential facilities. YouthCare will also provide reporting to Ryther as needed for the seamless functionality of the team and additional information required by the grant.

Both organizations will participate in weekly team meetings occurring at Ryther as well as periodic wrap-team meetings held at Ryther or at YouthCare sites.

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Ryther offers and develops safe places and opportunities for children, youth and families to heal and grow so that they can reach their highest potential.

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