Reflecting the Communities We Serve: Elevating BIPOC Voices and Leadership


Grantee: Washington Association for Infant Mental Health
Timeframe: April 2021 – March 2022 | Amount: $10,000

This project creates opportunities for non-white knowledge and expertise to impact the early childhood mental health field and the children we serve.

This project will:

  • provide a platform to increase the reach of voices of color during four open meetings,
  • create a safe space for supporting BIPOC professionals in closed Reflective Supervision and Consultation groups (comprised of five to seven professionals in each group for a total of two groups, all free of charge)

The monthly meeting program will invest in the training, professional development, and leadership pathways for providers of color in order to increase representation in the field, to provide a place to listen and learn and grow for WA-AIMH staff, board, and members, and to create more opportunities for non-white knowledge and expertise to impact our organization and the field.

Activities/Community Training:

  • Increase the outreach to providers of color and further build our roster of BIPOC professionals and trainers who are available to present.
  • Plan meetings for BIPOC professionals to share their expertise and educate the broader membership on non-white infant mental health paradigms, knowledge, and concerns (providers will develop their own presentations and will be paid an honorarium of $400 for their prep and meeting time).
  • Listen to and reflect on the issues and experience presented and integrate that knowledge into ongoing racial equity efforts.
  • Consider next steps for increasing representation and for learning and adapting programming and membership as we more fully center BIPOC voices, experience, and expertise the organization.

In order to develop in their careers and attain higher levels of leadership, providers often need to experience and be trained in Reflective Supervision and Consultation. Providing a BIPOC-only RS/C group will increase group members’ professional competency and career options as well as boost their mental health and grow their networks of connection and support.

Time-limited Project Activities:

  • Recruit RS/C participants from agencies in King County (including rural King County), Snohomish, Pierce, and Kitsap counties.
  • Finalize curriculum (staff leads: Eden Teng).
  • Provide scholarships and schedule trainings + 12 monthly sessions.
  • Listen, adapt, and improve RS/C experience according to feedback.

About Our Grantee

Washington Association for Infant Mental Health

The Washington Association for Infant Mental Health (WA-AIMH) supports the professionals and systems that nurture healthy beginnings in life, because early relationships matter. Our vision is that all young children in Washington experience healthy development through nurturing relationships with one or more loving, capable, and consistent caregivers.

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