Recovery Café SODO Health Center


Grantee: Recovery Café
Timeframe: July 2020 – June 2023 | Total Amount: $375,000

Year 1: July 2020 – June 2021. Amount: $125,000
Year 2: July 2021 – June 2022. Amount: $125,000
Year 3: July 2022 – June 2023. Amount: $125,000


This project is for a 1-year pilot to provide a .8 FTE nurse and 1.0 FTE receptionist/certified healthcare navigator that will serve the SODO community with rudimentary healthcare at the Recovery Café SODO location. Coupling basic medical care with a community based long-term recovery support program, will lead to a lower barrier of access for those living unsheltered in the area. Instead of exclusively referring Members to organizations that provide services, but require a phone call to schedule or multiple bus rides to reach, Recovery Café will provide these services on-site to best support the health of their Members. This established relationship will make service provision easier and support better health outcomes for Members and the larger community who will also be eligible to visit the clinic.

Recovery Café has partnered with Country Doctor Community Health Centers for this project. Recovery Café will continue to develop their relationship with Evergreen Treatment Services (ETS), located in SODO, to build bridges of care for people who are engaged daily in Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) at ETS to come to Recovery Café. Recovery Café will work with St. Vincent de Paul and Northwest Harvest to refer clients to access the clinic.


About Our Grantee

Recovery Café

Recovery Café serves Members throughout King County. They provide a beautiful, safe, warm, drug and alcohol free space and loving community to anchor Members in the sustained recovery needed to gain and maintain access to housing, social and health services, healthy relationships, education and employment.

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