Healthy Kids at Mary’s Place


Grantee: Mary’s Place Seattle
Timeframe: January 2020 – December 2020 | Amount: $8,000

The Health Services program is led by a pediatrician who serves as the Health Services Director and involves a Health Services Manager, Registered Nurses, a Care Coordinator, a Family Outreach Coordinator and skilled volunteers. The Family Centers support one Popsicle Place site and over 600 people every night. When the new building opens in Quarter 1 of 2020 with the second Popsicle Place, the two Popsicle Place will support over 100 medically fragile guests every night.

Mary’s Place provide free nursing care daily including assessment, treatment, education and referral. The nurses hold Mary’s Place’s weekly Health Talks to educate women about common health issues, such as diabetes. Mary’s Place offer Naturopathic Clinics Mary’s Place’s weekly and Podiatry Clinic and Mobile Dental Clinic monthly. The bedrest rooms allow women who have been released from the hospital, on chemo etc. to have a safe and quiet place to recover. Popsicle Place offers a shelter determined by medical need rather than a predetermined program and provides a protected space, with the benefit of exposure to the social interactions of play and support from the community at Mary’s Place that is necessary for mental and emotional development of the child. Mary’s Place partner with Neighborcare Meridian Center and ICHS clinics to expand dental, mental health, and medical services.

The Health Services program, located in the family centers, provides immediate health services to vulnerable women and families and connects them to community health care. By supporting all the Health Services offices on site where Mary’s Place serve the most families, Mary’s Place increase their access to immediate support for health needs and help them establish trust with at least one health care provider. Mary’s Place establish a bridge to community health services and this trust carries over into those relationships.


About Our Grantee

Mary’s Place Seattle

Empowering homeless women, children and families to reclaim their lives by providing shelter, nourishment, resources, healing and hope in a safe community. Mary’s Place is a leading voice for homeless women, children, and families in emergency situations. We empower women to reclaim their lives by offering community, acceptance, hope and dignity. Our work keeps struggling families together and provides practical tools and resources that help women find housing and employment. We inspire the community to support homeless women and families through advocacy, partnerships, volunteerism and philanthropy.

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