Genetic Services Needs Assessment and Tailored Toolkits for Seattle-Area Community Health Centers


Grantee: Genetic Support Foundation
Timeframe: April 2023 – March 2024 | Amount: $29,625

Nimble Grant funds will allow GSF the needed capacity to develop tailored genetic toolkits and patient resources that meet the identified needs of Seattle-area community-based health centers serving marginalized communities. With increased knowledge and tools, these healthcare providers will be able to direct individuals and families to prevention, monitoring, and treatment options – reducing risk and increasing the chance for prolonged life and successful outcome to patients facing genetic diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. GSF will partner with Community Based Health Centers that work closely with and reflect their communities. This project will support patient-centered, shared-decision making regarding genetic testing and counseling for low-income and marginalized communities.

GSF projects that at least 40 healthcare providers will receive training around genetic testing and counseling; 4 distinct genetic toolkits (prenatal genetics, hereditary cancer, pediatric genetics, and hereditary cardiac disease) will be developed & distributed; and hundreds of patients from marginalized communities will be supported with timely, accurate, and culturally and linguistically competent genetic information.


Project Activities:

  • Building partnerships with Seattle-area Community Health Centers that serve marginalized communities, including Neighborcare Health, HealthPoint, Country Doctor, & International Community Health Services (ICHS).
  • Conducting a genetic services needs assessment.
  • Collating and analyzing genetic services needs assessment results alongside project partner health center staff.
  • Developing tailored genetic toolkits in multiple languages to support provider genetic best practices and allow for informed and value consistent patient decisions based on needs assessment results. GSF will also develop multi-language companion patient informational brochures to further support patient information needs.
  • Distributing genetic toolkits and patient resources. Providing training in toolkit implementation.
  • Supporting partner health centers as they implement toolkits.
  • Collecting data, including: # of healthcare providers trained; # of toolkits & educational materials distributed; and # of patients served. Follow-up surveys and conversations with health and community partners will provide quantitative and qualitative feedback.
  • Adjusting toolkits based on partner feedback.
  • Assessing project results and developing a plan for meeting additional patient needs through continued partnership.

About Our Grantee

Genetic Support Foundation

Genetic Support Foundation’s (GSF) mission is to improve the quality of healthcare by providing up-todate, objective genetic information to patients, providers, and healthcare organizations, supporting those in need of genetic services, and facilitating the adoption of best genetic practices.

Nimble Grant

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