Expanding Access and Availability of Prenatal Substance Exposure Interventions


Grantee: Wonderland Child & Family Services
Timeframe: January 2023 – December 2023 | Amount: $15,000

Wonderland plans to use funds to support our advocacy efforts to increase access and availability to diagnosis and treatment across the State and to update RCW 71.24.610 – the interagency agreement on fetal alcohol exposure. Through the measures outlined below, children affected by PSE, who are disproportionately involved in the child welfare system, will receive access to diagnosis, assessments, treatments, and family support for foster caregivers, parents, and caregivers.

We are developing a comprehensive bill for the 2023 legislative session that will make targeted investments and begin developing a state-wide strategic plan that will create the systems change needed. Through this grant, Wonderland will support the outreach and marketing steps to achieve the following:

  1. Increase access to FASD Diagnosis. According to the Washington State Healthcare Authority, approximately 70,000 Washingtonians are living with FASD, and 870 babies are born every year with FASD. Diagnosis for FASD is extremely limited and can only be done in two places in WA, the Washington State Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Diagnostic and Prevention Network at the University of Washington and the Hope RISING Clinic at Wonderland.
  2. Increase the availability of comprehensive treatment options across the state. Currently, Hope RISING Clinic is the only comprehensive clinic offering treatment for children and support for caregivers. Educating and supporting caregivers is a critical component of effective treatment. We are working with Department of Health, Department of Children Youth and Families (DCYF) on a plan that will expand this service across the state by offering startup funding, technical assistance, provider training, and on-going support.
  3. Build on the investments the legislature made in 2022 to increase capacity at Hope RISING Clinic. Preventing family separations and reuniting families that are child welfare-involved is a goal of DCYF, and a critical part of that is making sure families who need services for PSE can obtain them. Hope RISING Clinic has a lengthy wait list and expanding Hope RISING Clinic’s capacity is the fastest way to get families into services and prevent traumatic and unnecessary separations.
  4. Increase Medicaid reimbursement rates for treatment services and supports and build capacity in this sector, including funding for peer-led, support groups open to families and caregivers to individuals who have been diagnosed with or are suspected of being impacted by FASD as well as adults impacted by FASD.
  5. Update and expand the interagency agreement on fetal alcohol exposure in RCW 71.24.610 and create a statewide strategic plan to identify gaps in services and make recommendations regarding identification, prevention and intervention programs for children, youth and adults living with prenatal substance exposure. This interagency agreement will include: Healthcare Authority, Department of Social and Health Services, Department of Health, DCYF, Department of Corrections, the Office of the Insurance Commissioner, and the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction.


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Wonderland Child & Family Services

Wonderland Child & Family Services provides a strong and equitable foundation for children and their families with diverse needs and abilities to flourish through therapy, education, advocacy, and resources.

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