Encompass Maternal Infant Health


Grantee: Encompass NW
Timeframe: April 2022 – March 2023 | Amount: $30,000

Encompass will pilot a program to improve maternal and infant health in the rural Snoqualmie Valley. Through outreach, support, education, connection, and therapy for mothers and babies, Encompass will improve maternal health, decrease isolation, and prevent prenatal trauma.

Program components will incorporate best practices for protective factors and utilize interventions based on the latest neuroscience. Services will be offered in Spanish, Mandarin, and English.

Program components include:

  • Outreach to local schools, WIC locations, DSHS offices, pediatricians, obstetricians, two local shelters, income qualifying housing complexes, and LGBTQ support organizations to reach pregnant mothers, expectant parents, and new caregivers as early as possible.
  • Provide a variety of groups to foster connection, reduce isolation and provide education and emotional support. A Pre and postnatal series will be offered concurrently and will rotate throughout the contract year (please see attached timeline for an example schedule) we expect to serve 8 to 10 participants per group.
  • Provide parents/caregivers with ongoing supports and social/educational opportunities both online and in person (when safe to do so).
  • Utilize the Encompass Mobile Therapy Unit to bring services to families without transportation or other issues that make leaving home difficult.
  • Build relationships between service providers and families that allow for screening for postpartum depression, anxiety and parenting issues and connection to therapeutic supports.

By helping pregnant or parenting individuals address their own attachment challenges prior to birth of the child, they can change generational patterns of abuse and neglect and prevent early trauma.


About Our Grantee

Encompass Northwest

The mission at Encompass is “to partner with families to build healthy foundations for children.” We envision a community where all children thrive. Encompass passionately believes that every family deserves a place to turn when they need help. Through programs that are best-practice or evidence-based, Encompass provides early intervention, pediatric therapy, and behavioral health services, early learning, and family enrichment programs, while also providing support to help low-income families gain access to community services including basic needs. With a continuum of services that address all needs of families, a child who may live in a family with multiple risk factors like poverty, language barriers, and behavioral challenges, can start school on equal footing with their peers and their homelife will be stable. This approach improves health and education outcomes for children and moves the whole family toward multigenerational equity.

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