Development of an online training for bi-lingual individual to become “health information bridges” to their vulnerable social networks


Grantee: Northwest Center for Public Health Practice
Timeframe: October 2020 – September 2021 | Amount: $24,000

This grant will develop an online training for bi-lingual individuals to deliver timely and accurate health information, including COVID-19 information and how to access health services during the COVID pandemic, to their vulnerable relatives.

The overall goals of this training are to:

  1. Increase proficiency of bi-lingual lay people in communicating effectively when providing COVID-19 information to their language communities.
  2. Improve health equity by breaking down language barriers surrounding health information.
  3. Improve vulnerable communities’ ability to respond to non- COVID (emergency) health care needs during the pandemic.

A student survey (N=260), conducted in April 2020 showed that young adults are ready and willing to step up to the plate and become “information bridges” to their social networks if they receive training in how to do so. Proposed training covers content areas that were identified from the survey. After development of the online training, an evaluation will be conducted to better understand the student’s learning, understand the utility and sustainability of the training, and/or if there are changes needed.


About Our Grantee

Northwest Center for Public Health Practice

Northwest Center for Public Health Practice (NWCPHP) promotes excellence in public health by linking academia and the practice community. As part of the University of Washington School of Public Health, NWCPHP provides training, research and evaluation for state, local, and tribal public health in six Northwest states – Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming.

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