Community Wellness Hub at the Kent East Hill Farmers Market


Grantee: Living Well Kent Collaborative
Timeframe: April 2019 – March 2020 | Amount: $29,998

The East Hill neighborhood in Kent, a largely immigrant and refugee population, has one of the highest mortality rates in the county: leading causes of death are cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and chronic lower respiratory disease. Additionally, residents are more likely to exhibit risk factors like obesity, high blood pressure, and asthma, which contribute to disease but can be prevented or reversed with changes in eating habits. Lack of affordability for healthy food options is a key driver for health disparities, especially for those experiencing food insecurity, recent immigrants and refugees and their children. The Kent East Hill Farmers Market (KEHFM) came into being as a result of Living Well Kent’s (LWK) community assessment on health outcomes and disparities related to nutritional access.

The Wellness Hub at Kent East Hill Farmer’s Market will bring the market’s mission of health into specific focus. Funding will support building LWK’s capacity to pilot, refine, and sustain the integration of a Wellness hub at the KEHFM. This hub will be a welcoming health prevention station for market-goers, the majority of whom are immigrants, people of color, and low-income families. The hub will also increase the amount of culturally relevant produce brought to market.

The Wellness Hub will consist of two parts:

  1. The Nutrition table will address the lack of access to culturally and linguistically appropriate materials on nutrition and diabetes, obesity and hypertension. LWK will demonstrate preparation techniques for produce available at the market, including culturally familiar items. A community health worker will greet visitors and share nutritional information, which will be translated into several languages.
  2. The second area of the hub will be devoted to creating a welcoming space where residents can engage with healthcare services. This Rotating Health Outreach and Services Table (RHOST) will feature: blood pressure testing; culturally competent General Practice; information and resources for diabetes; vaccination information and support; support for new mothers; information and support for senior care; vision and hearing screenings; and dental outreach and screenings.



About Our Grantee

Living Well Kent Collaborative

Living Well Kent is an immigrant and people of color-led, community-driven collaborative focused on creating a healthier, equitable, and more sustainable city of Kent. Our goals include creating a community in which all residents thrive.

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