Bridging the Gap of Health Literacy


Grantee: Alefba Group
Timeframe: November 2020 – September 2021 | Amount: $13,000

The Kankosh committee, which is a community based discussion and educational forum of Alefba Group (AG), will host facilitated virtual health literacy programs to overcome the gap that exists in the Iranian immigrant and refugees community.

KanKosh Committee has been hosting virtual sessions during the 1st and 2nd quarter of 2020 with the aim of improving the knowledge and providing a safe space for the community. These meetings were all open to the public and the links were circulated through all the Iranian social media channels. In order to be sustainable Alefba Group needs a program coordinator to actively reach out to the community, improve the advertising plan, and collect feedback from attendees. The grant will also make it possible to invite subject experts to facilitate the meetings.

The project will host 15, 1.5-2.0 hour programs during the grant period, covering the topics of the Health Literacy and COVID-19 pandemics. The sessions will be hosted in a virtual setting, and will be hosted by an AG member and facilitated by a subject expert. The topics will include: Interactions with the providers, Healthy activities, Healthy Eating, Emotional and Behavioral Health, Insurance, Cancer and its screening, Health Resources, Patients’ rights, education on using electronic health information.

The coordinator will generate flyers, and will advertise on social media and all the Iranian’s frequent grocery stores. They will contact the email list and if appropriate will make telephone reminder calls. They will plan and program the sessions and will make the necessary follow up with the experts.

All the sessions will be in Farsi and if needed there will be on site interpretation. AG will also review the sessions for cultural appropriateness.

Each quarter AG will host an attendee forum of at least 10 participants to brainstorm and give feedback on the quality of the previous sessions and recommend and approve the following quarter planning sessions


About Our Grantee

Alefba Group

Alefba Group (AG) is a non-profit organization that has focused its energy to bring the members of Iranian community together under one virtual umbrella called Alefba Group. Our mission is to serve the local community of Washington state, in particular the local Iranian community, via educational, social, and charitable activities and programs.

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