Black Bundle of Joy


Grantee: Global Perinatal Services
Timeframe: July 2022 – June 2024 | Amount: $249,495

Year 1: July 2022 – June 2023. Amount: $121,800
Year2: July 2023 – June 2024. Amount: $127,695


Black Bundle of Joy is a holistic suite of free wraparound perinatal services and programs for first time Black parents in King County, including ongoing doula and education services from 28 weeks pregnancy to one year after birth.

GPS doulas state unequivocally that their clients receive unequal treatment in the medical system due to racism, and that treatment is better when a doula is present. Research and previous clients’ feedback show that doulas and perinatal services improve birth outcomes for Black parents and babies.

These improved outcomes are a direct result of addressing the root cause of problems, by advocating for Black families within the medical system, building relationships with mainstream medical providers who can be allies for our clients, and providing culturally relevant care.

GPS will use PHPDA Major Grant funds to support the expansion of Black Bundle of Joy, a holistic suite of free wraparound perinatal services and programs for first time Black parents in King County. GPS first piloted this program in Fall 2021 with great success as reported by client feedback and participation levels.

GPS aims to enroll 100 families in this program in 2022-23, ultimately serving 300 Black parents and children during the granting period.

PHPDA funds will pay for half of the doula and instructor costs for this program, and half the costs for a Family Support Services staff person to offer ongoing support indefinitely after the program has been concluded. Additionally, a small portion of the support from the PHPDA Major Grant will go toward materials and administrative costs.

About Our Grantee

Global Perinatal Services

Global Perinatal Services (GPS) is a Black, female, and refugee-led nonprofit located in Federal Way. Founded in 2018, their mission is to provide perinatal services, family support, and parenting and birthing education for low-income, immigrant and refugee communities in the Puget Sound. GPS was founded out of a need identified in the Somali community around a lack of culturally relevant care for expecting mothers. GPS also provides community health workshops and community-based doula training. In addition to their direct community outreach and services, GPS is represented in birth equity policy development tables as an advocate for their communities serve.

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