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Major Grants

$50,000 – $200,000

  • Renewable for up to three years
  • Best suited for ongoing, larger projects with well-defined service offerings

More about Major Grants >>

Nimble Grants

Up to $30,000

  • One time grant
  • For work that can be completed within one year

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Seeking Providers of Transitional Housing & Services for Young Adults

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Pacific Hospital PDA (PHPDA) is offering a rare opportunity on the Pacific Tower Campus. We have just released a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) from a qualified organization or team of organizations to develop and operate safe, healthy transitional housing and services for young adults ages 18-24 at risk of homelessness…
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2023 Annual Report

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Reflecting on our commitment to health equity, campus stewardship, impactful grantmaking, and technical assistance that extend beyond financial support.

Nimble Grants Starting Spring 2024

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Seven new Nimble Grant programs increasing health equity for underserved populations in King County.

We envision a world with equity in health for all

It is our mission to the community as an ally, resource, convener, and change agent. We tirelessly champion equity in health through exemplary stewardship of PHPDA’s public resources.

Our Governing Councils

The PHPDA is governed by a volunteer Governing Council made up of community members, who oversees policies, grantmaking and real-estate activities, and staff.


General Questions

What is the difference between Major Grants and Nimble Grants?

  • All Health Equity Funds grants are focused on addressing health disparities in King County and the Puget Sound region.
  • Major Grants are designed for larger ongoing projects or programs. These grants are between $50,000 and $200,000 per year and are renewable up to two additional years after the first year of funding. They often fund larger ongoing service delivery or advocacy projects that are planned to be permanent or long-term parts of an organization’s work.
  • Nimble Grants are smaller (up to $30,000) and are not renewable. Nimble Grants are limited to projects (or portions of projects) that will be completed in the 12 month grant period. These time-limited projects often include things like needs assessment, creation of a program plan, evaluation of previous work, or targeted capacity building.

What are the geographic limits of Health Equity Fund grants:

  • All funding must address a health disparity in King County and the Puget Sound region.
  • Any services delivered with the funding must be delivered in King County. This means that if your program operates in two locations, only one of which is in King County, a Health Equity Fund grant can only be used to fund the portion located in King County.
  • Clients and patients can reside in other counties, as long as services are delivered in King County.
  • Advocacy grants can focus locally in King County or more broadly, and are often statewide. However, if the advocacy impact goes beyond the local area, the proposal and any grant reporting must demonstrate impact on a health disparity in King County and the Puget Sound region.

We are interested in applying. Can we talk with someone about or idea or submit a draft for review ahead of time?

  • Health Equity Fund staff are always available to meet with interested grantees to provide more information on the grant program and feedback on proposal ideas. Email for more information or to request a meeting.
  • We cannot read draft proposals ahead of time.

Visiting the Pacific Tower Campus

Pacific Medical Centers holds a community multi-specialty clinic Monday through Friday with many on-site care and services.

Pacific Medical Centers


The Pacific Tower Campus is a health hub of innovative programs led by nonprofit organizations and government entities. Visit health schools training dental professionals, nonprofit partner organizations such as 501 Commons, Building Changes, and Cross Cultural Health Care Program, or government agencies such as the Department of Health and Social Services. Reserve rooms and explore leasing opportunities here:

Pacific Tower

Funding Priorities


Communities of Color, particularly African American / Black, Latinx, and American Indian/Alaska Native communities.


such as South King County and rural King County.


to ensure access for underserved communities to health resources and services. 


that are not paid for, in part or fully, under currently available coverage programs.

Future Plans Championing Health Equity

To increase our impact in the face of a changing health equity landscape, we are taking an adaptive approach to serving our community. We will actively listen to our stakeholders and partners and align our work with the critical needs and values of unserved and/or underserved communities across King County. 

PHPDA is ready to build on its history of open-minded grantmaking and forward-looking stewardship, and create new lines of work with our community and grantees to: 

  • Translate learned experience from our grantees into actionable knowledge for upstream change in health and healthcare systems. Amplify authentic community voices into policy and systems change conversations
  • Amplify authentic community voices into policy and systems change conversations, 
  • Invite former, current, and potential grantees to participate in issue specific cohorts so they can build and strengthen relationships
  • Offer technical assistance to former, current, and potential grantees to build knowledge, skills, and experience and otherwise build capacity

Community-driven solutions for a healthier, and more just, future

Pacific Hospital Preservation & Development Authority (PHPDA) funds and champions equity in health for marginalized populations throughout King County. We believe everyone should have affordable, culturally appropriate services that effectively support them in achieving their best health.

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We work with our grantees to improve access to high-quality health care for marginalized populations throughout our community

Our effective stewardship of the Pacific Tower campus enables grantmaking to community-based organizations addressing the unmet healthcare needs of marginalized communities. We lift the voices of our grantees and those they serve, providing resources so that their solutions are implemented. Our role as a Public Development Authority (PDA) means we are quasi-governmental organizations of the City of Seattle, which allows us to have a mission of public purpose without being assumed into the regular functions of City government.

Stories and impacts from our grantees

We work to lift the voices of our grantees and those they serve, elevating their unique perspective and bringing it into everything we do. We provide resources so that their truths and their solutions can be heard. Read these stories to learn more about our grantees’ work and impact.

Meet the Staff

The PHPDA Team is made up of five (5) employees working daily to make positive impacts to our region in need of equitable access to health. This flexible team finds creative ways to tackle challenges with the support of our Governing Council, grantee partners, and community who are leading the way.

Application Process

January 14, 2022

Letters of Intent (LOI) Due

By 12:00pm noon

Submit an LOI with project details. All LOI’s are reviewed by PHPDA’s Program Committee to determine which projects will be invited to submit full applications.

Apply >>

February 3, 2022

Selected LOIs are Invited for Full Application

Invitations are sent to agencies to submit full applications and PHPDA notifies agencies whose LOIs have not been approved.

Application Overview and Guidance

March 17, 2022

Applications Due

by 12:00pm noon

Only applicants who received an invitation to apply can submit full applications. Complete one application per project.

Sample Application Questions >>

May 14, 2022

Award Notification

Following the PHPDA’s Governing Council’s approval, agencies will be notified if their grant has been approved for full or partial funding, or denied.

June 4 – 29, 2022

Contract Start

The earliest Contract Start Date for your project is July 1, 2022. The latest Contract End Date for your project is June 30, 2023.

PHPDA Grant Staff meets with agencies to review programmatic and financial contractual requirements. The Health Equity Fund aims to be responsive and flexible. Grantees may request amendments and changes to their contract exhibits during the first nine months of the contract year.