Hepatitis B Targeted Vaccination for Equity


Grantee: Hepatitis Education Project (HEP)
Timeframe: October 2023 – September 2024 | Amount: $12,500

The project aims to increase vaccination coverage rates amongst population groups at highest risk of Hepatitis B infection.  Such a targeted focus will maximize impact of scarce resources.  The project will also serve as a demonstration of how to rapidly increase Hepatitis B vaccination coverage rates amongst marginalized groups. Project findings will be shared with organizations working with such groups across King County amplifying impact of this project and potentially setting the stage for Hepatitis B elimination across the county.  Overall, the goal will be to drive adult (19 to 59 year olds) Hepatitis B vaccination coverage rates to above 50%.


The project will be comprised of four main activities:

  1. Research and analyze data for King County seeking to identify groups at highest risk of Hepatitis B infection: Hepatitis Education Project (HEP) will review available surveillance data as well as modeled estimates to determine Hepatitis B risk across demographic groups and across geographies in King County. Similarly, HEP will utilize estimates for current Hepatitis B adult vaccination coverage rates. Combining these two analyses, HEP will create a target list of communities comprising highest-risk of infection and lowest vaccination coverage rates. They will also research approaches to scaling up adult vaccination coverage rates amongst marginalized groups that have been successful in King County and other parts of the country.
  2. Restart Hepatitis B vaccination at HEP’s on-site location in Seattle: Vaccination coverage rates are very low for HEP’s clients and clients likely fall into high-risk groups for Hepatitis B infection. Therefore, HEP will communicate to their clients about Hepatitis B vaccination seeking to convince them in a compassionate and caring manner. HEP will also market their Hepatitis B vaccination services to the local community in the International District, where many people of highest-risk groups reside.
  3. Identify organizations serving the target list of communities: HEP will establish and build relationships with these organizations. HEP will partner with the organizations to conduct education sessions and vaccination drives amongst target communities utilizing best practices for increasing adult vaccination coverage rates identified in Step 1. HEP will utilize their own staff and vaccines, as well as partner organizations to stretch the vaccine supply as far as possible and maximize impact of the project.
  4. Thoroughly document processes and results: HEP will utilize these to create a model for rapid scale-up of Hepatitis B vaccination amongst marginalized groups that they will share with organizations across King County, which work with marginalized groups. The goal is to have organizations take up their own large-scale Hepatitis B vaccination efforts enhancing and sustaining gains from this project, and eventually driving King County adult vaccination coverage rates to >50%.

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Hepatitis Education Project (HEP)

The Hepatitis Education Project is committed to providing support, education, advocacy and direct services for people affected by hepatitis and to helping raise hepatitis awareness among patients, medical providers and the general public.

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